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Oswald Cobblepot

Recreation of the "Penguin" in Batman Returns movie


This work was created long before (Batman) with the same aim to implement and develop knowledge in UE4. It was from this result that I came up with the idea of making the Batman character. Later the penguin would be added in one of the project's menu sequences.

In this case the character was created based on a single texture map in 4k. This way allows to save resources and loading time in the UE4. It was one of the most difficult modeling works. The study process on the face was slow. References were taken from the original face of Danni de Vito at that time (1992) and at the same time it was necessary to see the documentary of Batman Return making of. This shows Danni de Vito during his make up and prostheses sessions.


This is a representation of the work process in ZBrush, when the character was almost finished.  Another aspect that is difficult to handle as well, was the body proportions. In the case of Danni, he was the perfect cast based on his physical characteristics and incredible talent.

For a representation of a character already seen through the years by fans, the care that is taken in each of the details is never enough. Even so, I believe there is room for improvement to accomplish a more accurate representation of the character. 

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